Kyanite Mala Necklace
Kyanite Mala Necklace
Kyanite Mala Necklace
Kyanite Mala Necklace
Kyanite Mala Necklace
Kyanite Mala Necklace

Kyanite Mala Necklace

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Gorgeous Kyanite is hand-knotted to make this unique mala necklace. Kyanite is an amazing stone. I could not believe the density of this stone, and how it feels in your hands. It also catches the light from different angles and beautiful blues, greens, and silvers are flashed throughout the stone. Kunzite bead markers are placed at the 27th and 54th positions, in addition to right above the amazonite guru bead. This piece has a total of 108 beads, plus the markers. Silver spacers are added to the design and it's finished with a handmade silk tassel.

7mm Kyanite
8mm Kunzite
12mm Faceted Amazonite Guru Bead
Silk Cord
Lavender Silk Tassel

Properties of the Stones

This beautiful, iridescent stone is known to assist with communication. Supports the throat chakra and is said to help repair disagreements or damaged relationships by allowing the wearer to more effectively communicate and understand the situation.
A unique feature of Kyanite is that , like Citrine, it never needs cleansing. It is a stone that cannot absorb negative energies. Amazing stone and so so beautiful.

A beautiful crystal that encourages love and loving relationships. It helps to lift your mood, heal emotional anxieties, and release negative emotions.

Malas are crafted using natural stones and materials. It is common for there to be slight variances in appearance.

Bead sizes are approximate and can vary slightly. For example, beads that say 8mm may actually measure anywhere in the range of 7.5m-8.5m.

Made with love and good intentions.
Kim :)

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