Achilles Mala Bracelet
Achilles Mala Bracelet
Achilles Mala Bracelet

Achilles Mala Bracelet

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Exclusive Zen Men Design, the Achilles Mala Bracelet is made with Tigers eye, Carnelian, Lava Stone, and chunky copper accents.  It makes quite a statement when worn alone, or it can be successfully paired with other bracelets or a watch.

Stones in this Mala

Tigers Eye

Tiger's eye is known as a stone of protection and is known to bring about good luck. Associated with the sacral and solar plexus chakras, it brings about a sense of safety and security. 


A very strong stone, carnelian is often called the stone of courage.  It helps to keep you motivated and gives you the encouragement to keep on the path.

Lava Stone

Provides strength and stability and connects us to Mother Earth.  It is a calming stone known to diffuse anger and guide us to where we need to be.

Made with Light and Intention for you!



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