Colorful Gemstone Mala Necklace
Colorful Gemstone Mala Necklace
Colorful Gemstone Mala Necklace
Colorful Gemstone Mala Necklace
Colorful Gemstone Mala Necklace

Colorful Gemstone Mala Necklace

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Beautiful mala necklace made with four stones that contrast in color and texture. Amethyst, Howlite, Obsidian, and African Turquoise are patterned and hand-knotted on black nylon cord. Silver accent marks the 54th marker to assist with counting your mantras. Faceted Amazonite guru bead adds visual interest to the necklace as well. Finished with a magenta silk tassel.  

All malas and bracelets are shipped with a linen mala bag for safe-keeping.

Properties of the Stones

A meditative and calming stone, Amethyst is also known as being a stone of protection. Helps to relieve migraine headaches. In addition, the stone has been known to bring prosperity and abundance to those that wear it. Success in money and business is said to come to those that wear Amethyst.


Howlite is known as a stress reliever and assists with anxiety.  

Black Obsidian
A grounding stone that is formed when volcanic molten lava cools very rapidly. Associated with the root chakra, it aids in removing negative energy and releasing negative emotions.

African Turquoise
The Master Healer Stone. A sacred stone in many cultures, turquoise is believed to connect the mind to the universe. It is associated with the throat chakra and it assists with being honest and open in all communication.

The stone of HOPE. Amazonite is believed to be associated with truth, honor, communication, integrity, trust and hope. It aids in communication and is connected to the throat chakra. It aids in increasing self-esteem and self-love and is believed to lessen stress. It is a very calming stone.

Malas are crafted using natural stones and materials. It is common for there to be slight variances in appearance.
Bead sizes are approximate and can vary slightly. Beads that say 8mm may actually measure anywhere in the range of 7.5m-8.5m.

Made with love and good intentions.
Kim :)

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