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The Full Moon Mala Gemstone of the Month Collection features a beautiful gemstone each month incorporated into a full mala that will be charged under that month's full moon. These malas are one time creations, and are truly special.  After its creation, the mala will be charged in a beautiful dish under that month's full moon before it makes its way to your home filled with beautiful moon energy.


This month’s gemstone is lapis lazuli. These gorgeous deep blue stones have so many great properties. They are throat chakra stones, so they support communication and assist you with conducting your life from a place of integrity.

A stone of TRUTH, Lapis is said to release anger and negative thoughts.  It is also a stone of enlightenment and is associated with finding truth and speaking your truth.  Lapis is also said to assist with migraine suffering and to help alleviate the pain associated with these headaches.  Valued by ancient cultures for its intense rich blue color as well.

This month’s mala will also feature a unique and gorgeous guru stone. It will be special ordered upon purchase. 

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