Zen Intuition Mala
Zen Intuition Mala
Zen Intuition Mala

Zen Intuition Mala

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Zen Intuition Mala is part of the Zen Men Design Collection.

Connect to the Divine Will.  


Stones used help you to connect to your innermost desires, and reveal hidden talents.  Repel negative energy with Obsidian and Onyx, and enhance intuition with Labradorite. These dark and powerful stones will make you feel more in control of your emotions, release your ego, and set you on a path of spiritual connections with your highest self.  

This mala is a LIMITED EDITION piece.  There is currently only one remaining. 


The Zen Intuition Mala is made with:

8mm Labradorite

8mm Obsidian

6mm Hematite Markers

Faceted Onyx Guru bead

Silk Tassel


Made with light and intention for you.

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