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CHECK OUT Our Newest Collections: Zen Men Design, Full Moon Malas, Soulful Silver Collection
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Mercury Retrograde Therapy Mala

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This mala was created to assist you during the difficulties that arise when Mercury goes into retrograde.  It's made with 108 mantra beads, and has markers at the 27th and 54th positions.  The crystals in this piece were specifically chosen to provide solace and peace during this 3 week cycle.  So, what does mercury in retrograde mean? Simply put, it’s a celestial event that affects our systems of communication. It happens about 3-4 times a year. The ways we relate to one another to the emails we send to the travel plans we make can all be affected. This is not a good time to do anything on a whim, since bad decisions are often made during this shift. Messages don’t go though, contract language may be misinterpreted, relationships often experience problems due to misunderstandings (just to name a few). Crystals that can help are those that ground, relieve anxiety, promote love, and enhance effective communication. And this beautiful piece has crystals to help with all of these.  

All 8mm stones:

Smokey Quartz

This beautiful clear/brown stone is great for grounding and dispelling negative energies.  It can really help when the energy at this time is unbalanced.

Clear Quartz

This stone offers clarity during this time of confusion.  Clear quartz is a wonderful crystal for positive vibes and good energy.  Much needed during this time to create a sense of balance.


Another calming crystal, Fluorite is also a great stone for clearing the mind. It can help you sort through confusion and lessen cluttered thoughts and negative emotions, both common during retrograde season.

Blue Lace Agate

A great stone for calming the anxious mind during this time.  Blue lace agate is well-known to be a throat chakra stone, thereby assisting with communication issues.  But it is also very calming and a great stone to carry during stressful times.  It can help to dispel fears and phobias as well, which can be at their height when Mercury retrogrades.


A great stone to have when communication needs some assistance.  Its calm energy helps you think clearly and communicate your thoughts in an effective way.  Perfect stone to combat the energy during this time.

Faceted Rose Quartz (markers at the 27th and 54th positions)

The stone of love, rose quartz can assist you with your relationships during this time. It can help you seek and receive the love you need to help support the difficulties that you may experience when the celestial energy is imbalanced.

Cracked Crystal Quartz Guru is a beautiful focal stone and helps to intensify the properties of the clear quartz in this gorgeous piece.

Faceted Labradorite Rondelle above silk tassel

Labradorite is the stone of intuition.  When Mercury retrogrades, we often don't listen to our intuition, or are distracted by other things and forget to tune in.  This stone can help enhance these intuitive powers, making this time period a bit easier to navigate.

Tassel is handmade by me.

Made with love and intention,

Kim :) 

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