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CHECK OUT Our Newest Collections: Zen Men Design, Full Moon Malas, Soulful Silver Collection
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How do I find the right Mala beads for me?

Mala bead necklaces come in different sizes and can be made with any combination of gemstones. So how can you decide which is right for you? Very often a mala necklace chooses YOU, as you will find that you are instantly drawn to some malas more than others. It is that intuition that can often lead you to the best piece for you. But, if you are still having a hard time deciding, here is some information to help you choose the right mala for you.

Are you using your mala for meditation, a beautiful accessory, or both?

The answer to this question will help you decide on bead size. Most of the malas in the shop are made with either 8mm (larger beads) or 6mm (small beads).

8mm Beads
Larger beads are better for meditation.
Larger beads are more traditional.
This mala is much longer and sits below the naval. Consider this if you plan on wearing your beads frequently.

6mm Beads
Smaller beads can be better for smaller fingers to meditate.
Smaller beads can be a better fit as a frequent wardrobe choice.

Choosing Gemstones

Each gemstone has metaphysical properties associated with it, very often linked to the chakras (energy centers) in our bodies. All of the malas in the shop have detailed descriptions of the gemstones and the healing properties commonly associated with them. Read through these and see what speaks to you. Very often we are drawn to colors that represent what we need in our lives. Listen to your inner voice when choosing gemstones. If you are drawn to a particular stone, then that is the right one for you!

Please note: Crystal healing is not meant to replace or substitute for medical or professional treatments of ailments. Please see a licensed medical practitioner for any health problems, as the gemstones in this jewelry are not meant for this purpose or use.