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CHECK OUT Our Newest Collections: Zen Men Design, Full Moon Malas, Soulful Silver Collection
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Divine Warrior Mala Necklace

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The Divine Feminine Mala Series
The Divine Warrior Mala is part of the The Divine Feminine Mala Collection.
This Collection of malas is to honor women everywhere. Their strength, their struggles, their perseverance, their stillness, their warrior spirit and fierceness, the mother in all of them. I wanted to create a series of malas to honor what is going on at this point in time for women everywhere, to mark this moment of uprising and courage of the divine feminine. For the past few months, we have seen countless women speak their truth in the Me too and Times Up movements. The courage these women had is something that I wanted to celebrate. Women are demanding to be seen and treated as equals. It is that Divine Feminine Spirit that is present in all women that drives these movements. These malas are a tribute to all women who are sacrificing everyday for this cause, as well as the future generations that will reap its benefits. This collection honors those that choose to speak out, those that choose to remain silent and strong, those that have endured difficulties, and those that have overcome or are in the process of overcoming. Each piece in the series contains Moonstone, a stone that I have been constantly drawn to in my art. It is the stone of feminine energy. The other stones were chosen based on the intentions of the mala. There are 4 malas in the series: The Lotus Moon Mala, The Divine Warrior Mala, The Divine Presence Mala, and The Divine Goddess Mala. I hope you can find one that speaks to you or a woman that you love.

Divine Warrior Mala
Garnet, Amazonite, Moonstone, Amethyst, Labradorite, Aquamarine
This piece represents the fierceness inside all women to overcome, to fight for that they believe in, to protect their young, to sacrifice a piece of themselves for the cause of all women. It is the power of the mother bear in all women, the fighting instinct to protect, to survive. The darker, deeply rich colors of the stones in this mala evoke strength. Garnet is used to enhance the Wild Feminine, our inner she-wolf. It is used to shed light on dark times, enhance self-esteem, and connect us to that intuition that is present naturally in all women. Amethyst compliments this stone, in that it is a stone with protective qualities, a stone that helps us see clearer, a stone of sobriety. Although we are fierce, we must also harness this energy so that it is not out of control. Amethyst assists with this balance. Labradorite, the stone of intuition, helps to guide us on the journey of what is right. Amazonite helps to merge the feminine and warrior energies, and to help us harness both in our lives. A balance of both keeps us in harmony. Moonstone is known to enhance and balance this feminine energy. It is the perfect stone to serve as the foundation of the series. Aquamarine helps to bring peace and calm in our lives, to connect us to the Divine courage that is in all of us. It aids in speaking your truth, and communicating that truth effectively. It helps to release anger, to let go, and to bring about positive change. All of the malas in this series incorporate Aquamarine. It fits perfectly with the motivations and intentions of the brave women today.

The beautiful mala is hand-knotted on pale blue cord. Faceted labradorite rondelle markers are placed at the 27th and 54th position to assist you in counting your mantras and to add beauty to the piece. Black silk tassel is handmade by me and is finished with a beautiful blue banding. 

Stones in this Mala

8mm Moonstone
8mm Amazonite
8mm Rose Quartz
8mm Faceted Amethyst
12mm Aquamarine
6mm Faceted Labradorite Rondelle Markers

All malas and bracelets are shipped with a beautiful mala bag for safe-keeping.

Properties of the Stones

With its gorgeous pearly iridescence, Moonstone is said to have a very calming effect on the wearer, reduces stress and helps to bring hope and sensitivity. Also a great stone of protection, Moonstone is helpful during pregnancy and childbirth, as well as a good stone to take on your travels.

Aquamarine's name was inspired by the calming feelings the ocean can create in all of us. It inspires truth and letting go of negativity. Connected to the throat chakra, it inspires you to speak your truth. It is a very calming stone, one that could benefit anyone wearing it.

The stone of HOPE. Amazonite is believed to be associated with truth, honor, communication, integrity, trust and hope. It aids in communication and is connected to the throat chakra. It aids in increasing self-esteem and self-love and is believed to lessen stress. It is a very calming stone. 

Rose Quartz
The stone of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Associated with the heart chakra, it opens the heart and spirit to love in all its forms. It lowers stress, removes negative emotions, and promotes forgiveness. It is a soothing stone.

A meditative and calming stone, Amethyst is also known as being a stone of protection. Helps to relieve migraine headaches. In addition, the stone has been known to bring prosperity and abundance to those that wear it. Success in money and business is said to come to those that wear Amethyst. 

Garnet is known to cleanse and energize the chakras. Being a great balancing stone, it also aids in creating emotional harmony and banishing bad habits. It helps to release negativity in your life. Garnet should be worn over the heart or touching the skin. This mala is a perfect way to get the amazing benefits of garnet.

Known as the Stone of Magic, labradorite is one of the most powerful protection stones. Supports your third-eye chakra as well. It aids in intuition. Not all labradorite is created equally. Only the highest quality labradorite with gorgeous blue flash is used in my necklaces and bracelets.

Malas are made with natural stones so please allow for variations in appearance.
Bead sizes are approximate and can vary slightly. Beads that say 8mm may actually measure anywhere in the range of 7.5m-8.5m.

Made with love and intention.


Kim :)

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