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CHECK OUT Our Newest Collections: Zen Men Design, Full Moon Malas, Soulful Silver Collection
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Labradorite and Moonstone Sari Silk Tassel Mala Bead Necklace

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Absolutely gorgeous mala necklace with labradorite and moonstone beads. Look at the flash in those stones! They feel as amazing as they look.

Hand-knotted and finished with a handmade sari silk tassel for a boho look that is beautiful to wear and use as a meditation tool. Stunning piece that is sure to turn heads!

8mm Labradorite (high quality with blue iridescence)
6mm Labradorite (high quality with blue iridescence)
8mm Moonstone markers
12mm Moonstone Guru Bead
Gold Accents
Brushed Gold Lotus Bead Cap
Peach Sari Silk Tassel

Malas and bracelets are shipped with a linen mala bag for safe keeping.

Properties of the Stones

Known as the Stone of Magic, labradorite is one of the most powerful protection stones. Supports your third-eye chakra as well. It aids in intuition. Not all labradorite is created equally. Only the highest quality labradorite with gorgeous blue flash is used in my necklaces and bracelets.

With its gorgeous pearly iridescence, Moonstone is said to have a very calming effect on the wearer, reduces stress and helps to bring hope and sensitivity. Also a great stone of protection, Moonstone is helpful during pregnancy and childbirth, as well as a good stone to take on your travels.


Malas are made with natural stones so please allow for variations in appearance.
Bead sizes are approximate and can vary slightly. Beads that say 8mm may actually measure anywhere in the range of 7.5m-8.5m.

NOTE ABOUT SARI SILK: This is a recycled material from India. It is not uniform in appearance. It has tears, shredding, and color variation throughout the strands. It is really beautiful and very bohemian in style. Made with love and good intentions.
Namaste~ Kim :)

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