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CHECK OUT Our Newest Collections: Zen Men Design, Full Moon Malas, Soulful Silver Collection
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Sweet Dreams Mala Necklace

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The Soulful Silver Collection is a collaboration of artistry with Deborah of Siljourn, an amazingly talented silversmith. She sets unique and amazing stones in silver and I incorporate these designs into a mala.  They are unique, one of a kind designs.  It’s a truly amazing thing when artisans come together to create something special.  

The Sweet Dreams mala was born when Deborah set that HUGE No. 8 Turquoise stone in a silver Dream Catcher design.  She hand-wrought every aspect of the pendant, from the hand-stamped setting to the handmade charms hanging down from the pendant.  It is a veritable work of art, and I was honored to incorporate it into this gorgeous piece.  

Most of the mantra beads are a stunning shade of peach Sunstone.  These beautiful stones were sitting on my board for some time, just waiting to be incorporated into the perfect mala.  As soon as this pendant arrived, I knew they would be a perfect match.  These stones really bring out the earthly colors in the turquoise.  Grade A Larimar stones  are used in the design and bring about a calming accent of color, one that intensifies the blues in the turquoise stone.  Clear quartz add some clarity and flow to the overall piece.  Beautiful Bali silver sphere markers are at the 27th position, and a large round brecciated Jasper marker pulls the design together at the 54th position.  When the mala is double wrapped around the neck, the Jasper sits just above the pendant, creating a stunning display of stones from nature.

Dream Catchers originated in the Native American culture and are known to be protective symbols.  They are traditionally created with a circular symbol at the center representing the circle of life.  Across these circles, a webbing (symbolized in the matrix of this stone)  is pulled across to "catch" the bad dreams of those in slumber, while the feathers at the bottom allow the good dreams to slide down to the slumbering person. This Dream Catcher design is sure to provide you with a feeling of protection and love, freedom from fears and anxieties.  The stones used in the mantra beads were chosen to compliment these energies.

The Sweet Dreams mala will be a beautiful and very special gift for yourself or someone you love.  It is full of positive energy and symbolism that the wearer and owner will be certain to absorb.


This special piece was charged under the very bright and beautiful November Full Moon, beginning on Thanksgiving and continuing overnight.  


Handmade for you with love and light by two amazing artisans.

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