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CHECK OUT Our Newest Collections: Zen Men Design, Full Moon Malas, Soulful Silver Collection
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Love and Light Mala

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This stunning and bold mala was created through a collaboration with the amazingly talented Kari of Become Spellbound.  She sculpted the border around that gorgeous huge amethyst pendant. The stone is cut into a gorgeous faceted star, and if you swipe through the pics you can see how it plays with light.  


Mantra beads are made with 8mm Grade AA Blue Tigers Eye (also known as Hawk Eye) and 6mm Grade A Moonstone. The contrast of light and dark as well as the simple design were all artfully implemented to highlight that stunning Amethyst focal pendant.   Kunzite markers sit at the 27th position to assist with mantra count. This beautiful stone has a lavender hue and ties in perfectly with the tones of the pendant. The mala is finished with a top knot with silver accent beads, dangling gracefully from the necklace’s neckline. 

A meditative and calming stone, Amethyst is known as being a stone of protection. It helps to relieve migraine headaches.  In addition, the stone has been known to bring prosperity and abundance to those that wear it.  Success in money and business is said to come to those that wear  Amethyst. 

 Blue Tigers Eye is also known as Hawk Eye in the crystal world.  These beautiful dark stones flash a beautiful blue iridescence when the light hits them the right way.  Blue Tigers Eye is a great stone for reducing anxiety and calming the mind.  It assists with banishing fears and phobias.  It also works well with the throat and third eye chakras, helping you to act with integrity and communicate effectively.  This particular batch used to create this mala is especially chatoyant (flashy).  It’s a stunning contrast the softer Moonstone.

 With its gorgeous pearly iridescence, Moonstone is said to have a very calming effect on the wearer, reducing stress and helping to bring hope and sensitivity. Also a great stone of protection, Moonstone can be helpful during pregnancy and childbirth, as well as a good stone to take on your travels.

Kunzite is a heart chakra stone that is very helpful in supporting unconditional love and loving relationships.  It is a perfect accent stone to the others in this mala.

This piece is a unique, one of a kind creation.  It is final sale.  

Made for you with love and light.


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