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CHECK OUT Our Newest Collections: Zen Men Design, Full Moon Malas, Soulful Silver Collection
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Honey and Blue Tigers Eye Mala Necklace

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These Blue and Honey Tigers Eye beads are mixed throughout this mala. They are some of the most beautiful beads I have ever seen on one strand. This 108 mala necklace is hand-knotted on brown cord and has gorgeous aquamarine spacer beads located at the 27th and 54th position to add ease with counting your mantras. The markers are not part of the 108 bead count, and simply serve as checkpoints for your meditation practice. They are flanked by beautiful gold spacers, making them focal points in the mala as well. Gold sheen obsidian beads are also placed around the markers and the guru bead and add beauty and interest to the piece.

The guru bead is a large and stunning aquamarine bead. Much like the Tigers Eye, I have not seen such gorgeous and well-cut aquamarine in a long time, especially in a round bead of this size. Handmade gold silk tassel finishes this mala perfectly. Truly a special piece made with remarkable stones!

8mm Blue and Honey Tigereye
8mm Gold Sheen Obsidian
8mm Aquamarine
14mm Aquamarine Guru Bead

All malas are shipped with a beautiful mala bag for safe keeping and storage.

Properties of the Stones

Blue and Honey Tigers Eye
Known to enhance communication and associated with the throat chakra, this stone helps you to manifest your thoughts and ideas. Blue Tiger's Eye also works well with the third-eye chakra, and can enhance intuition. Tiger's eye is known as a stone of protection and is known to bring about good luck.

Aquamarine's name was inspired by the calming feelings the ocean can create in all of us. It inspires truth and letting go of negativity. Connected to the throat chakra, it inspires you to speak your truth. It is a very calming stone, one that could benefit anyone wearing it.

Gold Obsidian
A grounding stone that is formed when volcanic molten lava cools very rapidly. Associated with the root chakra, it aids in removing negative energy and releasing negative emotions.

Malas are crafted using natural stones and materials. It is common for there to be slight variances in appearance. 
Bead sizes are approximate and can vary slightly. Beads that say 8mm may actually measure anywhere in the range of 7.5m-8.5m. 

Made with love and good intentions.


Kim :)

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