Healing Zen Mala
Healing Zen Mala

Healing Zen Mala

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The Healing Zen Mala is part of the Zen Men Design Collection.   It's handmade meditation jewelry designed specifically for men.  Stones are rich in color and texture, and the designs reflect a masculine energy.  

Activate your Master Healer

Nature has a wonderful way of healing itself, turning over its old and allowing space for the new. It is the divine way, to make room for what serves you, and to let go of what does not.  This mala, made with African Turquoise, will give you the power to let go, to make room for what is new, to heal from within.


8mm African Turquoise

8mm Sandalwood

12mm Amazonite Guru Stone

Silk thread and tassel


Made with light and intention for you.

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